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    The web doesn't have to be complicated.

    Modern web development is a mess of frameworks, preprocessors, and microservices — but it doesn't have to be. We can rethink our processes, go back to our roots, and create the Unmodern Web.

    What does "unmodern" mean?

    unmodern (n.)

    not modern, old-fashioned

    The idea behind the Unmodern Web is to create and use modern tools alongside the philosophy and mindset of the early web. Rather than follow the current modern philosphies of web design, such as heavy JavaScript frameworks and single-page applications, unmodern websites strive for simplicity and straightforwardness by working alongside the way the web was originally designed.

    This is not, however, to say that unmodern websites avoid modern features. In fact, quite the contrary — unmodern sites are encouraged to employ cutting-edge CSS and JavaScript where it has sufficient browser support. What matters is the underlying design philosophy, which stresses straightforward implementations built on basic browser technologies and the use of libraries that extend those technologies rather than override them.

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    In-House Projects


    Painless, JavaScript-free AJAX

    by Katrina Scialdone

    Web components made simple and declarative

    by Katrina Scialdone

    Out-of-House Projects

    Additional projects by other developers that exemplify the Unmodern Web

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