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    Hi, I'm Katrina! I'm a y/o trans woman (she/her) based in Idaho, USA, and I've grown up alongside the web from a very young age. I made my first website as a bright-eyed preteen, and have been in love with programming ever since — but I'm not a particularly big fan of the JavaScript-addled mess the web has evolved into.

    I started Unmodern Web as an outlet for my thoughts about web technology and how best to do web development, but it very quickly evolved into something of a broader philosophy that I'd like to encourage in the web development community, heavily inspired by things like HATEOS and The Grug Brained Developer. The name was somewhat of a random flash of insight — I personally feel that the unusual wording quite neatly captures the idea of "modern technology with old-fashioned principles". Thus, this site serves both as a landing page for my own personal blog and projects, as well as a way to promote other projects I feel embody the principle of the Unmodern Web.

    Alongside web development, I'm also a huge fan of both linguistics and Japanese culture, and enjoy watching anime and reading (or translating!) manga in my free time. I was a linguistics major in college, though I dropped out due to COVID before I could graduate, and I occasionally do translation consulting through my side gig, Inari Translations.

    Due to my own experiences with disability and discrimination, as well as those of many of my loved ones, I strongly believe in the importance of advocacy, diversity, and accessibility. While I'm certainly not perfect yet, I strive to make sure all of my work thoroughly meets accessibility standards, and to moderate the community spaces I manage with an open mind and a welcoming attitude to everyone.

    I'm currently looking for work! If you'd like to hire me, or just to chat, you can find me on Github or LinkedIn, or get in touch through email at I also frequent the HTMX Discord server, which I highly recommend if you're looking for a friendly community of like-minded developers.